Phi Hotel Dei Medaglioni


Located along Corso Mazzini, Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni overlooks the arcades of Correggio, the city’s most elegant and popular street

Housed in a complex of three fully renovated historic buildings, the hotel retains a refined Art Nouveau design. Our attention to design, enhanced by the elegance of the furnishings and the warmth of wood, instills an immediate feeling of comfortable hospitality. At Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni, we harmoniously blend the charm of tradition with the comfort of modern amenities.

Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni

54 rooms, restaurant, cafe lounge, meeting room

To our left stands the historic building where the engraver Samuele Jesi was born in 1788. This houses the hotel’s most recent wing and has been expanded to enhance our services. To the right is our third wing, which accommodates additional rooms. Together, these three structures form Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni, a name derived from ancient medallions of Antonio Allegri, known as Il Correggio, and Bonifazio Asioli, which adorn the hotel’s façade.

Our hotel gives you the chance to experience the marvels of the frescoed hall of Palazzo Canossi, Jesi Hall with its original wood flooring inlaid by hand with the soft wood of fruit trees, the hall that once served as the carriage entrance, and the breakfast and dining hall that was formerly a courtyard and stable for horses, complete with an original pavement of smoothed cobblestones creating an almost glass-like effect.

Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni

Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni is a sophisticated hotel in the heart of the Correggio district, and we offer a total of 54 rooms, each styled with great attention to detail. The hotel features an elegant hall, creating an intimate and private setting to welcome our guests and granting access to the alluring Café lounge .

Access to the lounge bar is not limited to the hall, as you can also enter directly from the picturesque arcades of Corso Mazzini, adding a touch of charm to the overall experience. Adjacent to the hall is a quaint and welcoming tea room that offers views of the Correggio arcades, making this an ideal setting for moments of relaxation and socializing.

Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni also offers a variety of high-quality dining options. Our restaurant, Il Correggio, located within the hotel, is the perfect place to enjoy the delicacies of emilian cuisine, which is renowned for its rich flavors and tradition.

Our Asioli Hall is bright and spacious and has been meticulously arranged to ensure a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere ideal for hosting a variety of events, including training courses and conferences.

Phi Hotel dei Medaglioni is a refined hotel that is perfect for anyone looking for high-quality services and a pleasant stay in Correggio.

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